Oculus Rift Development


Learn developing apps for Oculus Rift

With this powerful Oculus rift development tutorial


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Learn developing apps for Oculus Rift

With this powerful Oculus rift development tutorial

You learn everything about the Oculus rift with a practical approach of developing an app in real time.

What you will get


A Rift eBook

You get a complete eBook explaining the technology behind Oculus Rift and virtual reality. The eBook comes in .ePub, .PDF and .Mobi formats.


Oculus rift development tutorial with Source code

We provide you with a development tutorial with source code to develop a game in Unity. You also have download links for Oculus unity integration package and other softwares.


Step-by-Step explanation

The book not only enables you to develop apps, games and projects based on Oculus Unity integration package, it also takes care of your basic needs to learn and understand things from the scratch.

What you will learn


Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) has taken the center stage in present day gaming and you will get a deep insight into it.


Oculus Rift gaming

You will learn to create a project in unity and integrate Oculus unity integration package to the project. In addition, you will get to know how to build and run a standalone rift app.


Unity package

This book will introduce you to Unity and guide you through the process of developing a game in Unity.



You get a good experience and training to use OpenGL to incorporate visual effects inside the game.

Who is this for ?


Folks who are in the hunt for creating a niche in the latest gaming arena will have more than what they need in this eBook. The eBook deals explicitly on how to develop games from the scratch using the Oculus rift development tutorial. This book is, de facto, your complete guide to new apps and games.

Oculus Rift & VR Partisans

We always have the exceptional Joe blogger or a tech-geek on the hunt for new ideas and assets. If you are one among them, know that this is your poison! You definitely can’t resist the know-how of this book, can you?


You are never too old to learn! You might be in your school or a grandparent looking forward to prove your magical skills to your children. This eBook has been written keeping in mind that you get to know the birds and bees of this technology without having to ask for anyone’s help.

Step-by-step tutorial + Full source code + Installation manual + Design files!

Can this day get any better ?!

Ebook content overview

The approach

The author has done an extensive research on the Oculus Rift and tried to break up complex mechanisms inside the device step-by-step. This book caters to a wide range of customers ranging from an average Joe blogger to a game developer.

Entire Source code

When you buy the complete package, we give you the entire source code and its explanation to build a game on Unity.

Installation guide

This eBook comes with a detailed step-by-step installation guide and user manual. The Oculus rift development tutorial has been designed such that you can do everything on your own.

Making the game in Unity

The Oculus rift development tutorial and Unity tutorial ensures that you understand each and every aspect of developing a game using an Oculus Unity integration package.

Working of the Rift

There are chapters dedicated to explain the working of the rift in detail. It includes the field of view, creating an immersive environment and rendering the device

Rift input and output

From the beginning to the end, the author guides you in the simplest possible way; separating the whole book in seven chapters. The book deals with rendering the input and output of the Rift in details.

Health & Safety precautions

The book gives you a good idea on how to go about with using the Oculus Rift. The immersive environment that the Rift offers has its complications. Taking necessary precautions will help you avoid discomfort.

SDK & Integrations

From decoding the desired output, getting head tracker data to rendering & understanding the display panel- this Oculus Rift development tutorial gives you a detailed explanation on getting an app ready for t

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